Welcome to PSP/Online. 

Pacific Seismic Products manufactures
ASCE 25-06 listed seismic actuated

valves for residential, commercial

and industrial applications.

Our product line includes
seismic actuated valves for
automatic natural gas shut-
off during an earthquake.
These valves are available in   
both horizontal and vertical
configurations. We also offer Specialty

Valves, Remote Actuator, 3-Way,
Electrical Switch and a Monitoring System
for your unique gas control needs.


Now available, our new 8" 319F seismic
and 2-1/2 "318 seismic actuated valves.


Our customer commitment  is nothing less than
100% satisfaction.


Please browse this site to learn more about our
products, or call us ( 661 942-4499) direct for
more information.



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